Bar Services

Hotel Bars

Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre Regina will supply all alcohol, consumed on our premises, either on a Host, No-Host or Subsidized basis. The hotel will also supply a bartender at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

The most common hotel bar is called a Subsidy Bar where the hosts subsidize a portion of the drink costs. Guests pay a reduced price on drinks and the hosts pay the remainder of the drink price. The most common subsidy amount is $2.50 per drink (guests would pay $3.00 per regular drink). Based on past experience, the average subsidy estimate is 4 drinks per person and 50 glasses of pop (which most people choose to host). Want to know exactly what you will spend? Set a limit on the subsidy (eg. subsidize the bar up to $2000.00, then have a full cash bar). Other popular options include having a Host Cocktail Reception Hour or providing two complimentary drink tickets per person.

We endeavor to re-create a real “bar experience” providing the following beverage selections:

Regular Brand Liquor including 1 oz. Caesars and Paralyzers $5.50
Shooters (Baja Rosa, Sour Puss Raspberry, etc) $5.50
Liqueurs (Baileys, Amaretto) $5.50
Domestic Beer (Molson and Labatt Products including Alexander Keith’s) $5.50
House Wine by the Glass $5.50
Wine by the bottle starting at $27.50
Pop or Juice $1.75
Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea $2.00/cup

At our discretion, for larger bars, we will supply a cashier at no additional charge, to sell drink tickets. Above prices includes Saskatchewan Liquor Tax and GST.

Wine Service

Wine is always available for sale at the bar; however hosts can pre-purchase house wine for the tables. As an alternative to pre-placing the wine on the tables, we can supply “wine tent cards” for each table. Each table can hand in the card(s) to the bar to redeem for a bottle(s) of wine and you will be charged per bottle given out.

Red, White or White Zinfandel House Wine $27.50 per bottle
Non-alcoholic Sparkling Cider $15.50 per bottle
C hampagne $35.00 per bottle
Arbour Mist $19.50 per bottle

Other Selections available upon request.

Responsible Alcohol Service

It is our policy to always serve alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. We will abide by all liquor laws outlined by the Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served to minors or intoxicated persons. We will contact the organizer to have them remove any of their guests causing disturbance. As well, the Hotel reserves the right to cease liquor service where applicable. All bar services end at 1:00 a.m.

The Travelodge Hotel & Conference Centre will be the only Authority to sell and serve Liquor on our premises. Therefore, liquor is not permitted to be brought into the Hotel function rooms.